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Mad and Glad

mental illness is your friend.

The Society of Insanely Crazy Mad People
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This is a community for people who have experience of Mental Ill Health, either personal experience or through the ill health of another. This is a supportive environment, although less serious posts are welcomed too (we cant be mad all of the time!)

We try to embrace our madness here. We're Mad and Glad. We accept who we are and what we have and do our best to live alongside it for as long as we have it. We advocate Mad Pride...tho sometimes we hate having it too - we're only human.

It is not a religious community and we would prefer that religion is kept out of posts - so no prayer requests and please do not tell someone god will heal them - we have asked god personally and he referred us back to our psychiatrists. Any posts of that nature will be deleted without question. If however you are in the habit of creating miracles, we may welcome that but only with physical proof and a signed certificate by god himself.

Oh and no angsty poetry please unless its deliberately bad!