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Date:November 12th, 2004 02:41 pm (UTC)
For me cutting was a way to express my inner pain. If i could see the cuts and the blood i would know i was letting some of it out. It almost brought a calm to my life when things were crazy. I would see the simplest things and turn then around in my head as to what i could draw the pain forth with. It started simple and easy..pins, knives, broken glass, and got to the point where i almost always carried a pocket knife or razor blade with me. To feel the slice was a cathartic release.

There is no easy way to bring this up to a child. I can sorta remember watchin the adults in my life struggle each time they saw a new cut. Each time they saw me with long sleeves in 90 degree heat it was like another spear to the heart.

I can only say what brought me to change was the slow realization that there was otehr ways to let my pain out. I found a hobby i could do and threw myself into it head first. When the days became unbearable I had a person i could call and say "hey, im so close to snapping, talk me through this". What she needs to know is that people arent against her when they are trying to help, that there is always someone she can talk too and eventually she will see that there are other ways to deal. This will also be the hardest lesson mother and daughter have to learn together.

Hopefully this helps, but If she (the daughter) needs someone to talk too you'll find my email addy in my user info. Maybe it would help to come from the perspective of a young adult (21)..maybe not. Only time will tell - Take care.
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